F-Secure Anti-Virus Total Suite

Today's Challenges:
Seven to ten new viruses are found each day, some of them with the ability to spread globally within hours. Viruses cause severe financial damage to companies in many forms; lost documents, lost worktime, network/email downtime and IT administration work. To fully secure a corporate network from viruses the protection needs to be deployed at every tier of the network, whether it is e-mail servers, firewalls, file servers, desktops or laptops.

The Solution:
F-Secure Anti-Virus Total Suite includes all critical components for corporate virus security. By using F-Secure's award winning workstation, file server, e-mail server and firewall antivirus products, you are always protected even against the latest threats. All F-Secure Anti-Virus Total Suite products are centrally manageable with one easy to use management solution, F-Secure Policy Manager.

Key Features

  • Cost Efficient Solution
    F-Secure Anti-Virus Total Suite provides everything you need to secure your corporate network from viruses in a single solution that is easily manageable from one point.
  • Easy to Use, Extensive Centralized Management
    Manage all F-Secure Anti-Virus solutions with one system. Centrally install, configure and monitor antivirus products with F-Secure Policy Manager. Comprehensive reporting and alerting is available from the management console or through a web browser.
  • 24 x 7 On-line Protection
    Antivirus products are only as good as the research and dedication behind them. Our team of dedicated virus researchers is on call 24-hours a day responding to new and emerging threats. In fact, F-Secure is one of the only companies to release tested daily virus definition updates to make sure our customers receive the highest quality service and protection.
  • Automatic Virus Definition Updates
    Updating of virus definition databases is automatic and secure. Signature files are automatically downloaded in the background using bandwidth unused by other Internet applications. Your system administrator can always be sure they have the latest updates without having to search the Web.
  • Protect your Laptops and Desktops wherever they are
    With F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations, antivirus protection is fast, mobile, efficient and easy. It is the most comprehensive centrally managed antivirus solution available for your desktops and laptops.
  • Protect your Microsoft Exchange Environment
    The award winning F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange provides the best possible protection against email-borne viruses.
  • Wide Support for E-mail Environments and Firewalls
    F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper interoperates with any e-mail and firewall system, scanning all HTTP and SMTP traffic passing through the gateway. Scanning viruses in HTTP, SMTP and FTP traffic, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Firewalls works seamlessly together with Check Point FireWall-1 and other CVP compliant firewalls. F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux Gateways provides extremely fast scanning against viruses at the gateway level when integrated with Linux based e-mail solutions.
  • Virus Protection for Clearswift's MIMEsweeper Products
    F-Secure Anti-Virus for MIMEsweeper is a powerful antivirus solution that tightly integrates with Clearswift's MAILsweeper and WEBsweeper products, providing a complete solution for policy-based content security.
  • Content Filtering and Access Control at your Gateway
    You can greatly improve security against new viruses by specifying potentially dangerous e-mail attachments to be automatically dropped from e-mail traffic based on file size, name or extension. The "Loveletter" virus, for instance, could have been stopped by removing .vbs files from e-mail messages. By preventing employees from accessing non-work related Web sites, you can keep the employee productivity at a high level.

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